Parents Accomplishing Goals (PAG) Cooperative is a group of parents who work together to create a loving social and educational environment for our children and a supportive network for parents. No matter what your goals, PAG provides support for you.

If your goal is simply to have a group of parents to support you, we’re here. If your goal is to get your child(ren) socialized, we’re here for them. If you have work, school, or volunteer goals, we can help with that too.  At some events, parents may be awarded a distraction-free environment to work. We also run a “switch” system, where members can switch times watching each other’s children so we can get work done. We support each other in our goals.

During the summer, we will be running a self-led outdoor education program at local parks. The children will be able to discover nature as we explore, and the parents will supplement with education where necessary (such as information on plants, animals, ecology, science, or physics).

All members cooperate in the management of the organization. We work together to make decisions, and volunteer to help when we are able. There is no fee to become a member.